English menu


Orders with meal tickets and self-service will be provided.
Some curries are not offered depending on the day.
All listed amounts are for reference only. The price includes tax.

Estimated rice (Adjust the amount of curry sauce according to the rice.)
regular          rice250g
large             rice400g
small             rice200g(You can do even less.)
regular No rice     rice0g   Standard amount of curry sauce

We use rice from Hokkaido. (Please ask the clerk directly for the brand.)

We offer spicy and sour acar (Indian pickles).
Feel free to use it as you like. It is recommended to mix it with curry and eat it.
We always have several types of acar, but the contents change from day to day.

Curry may contain large spices. Please note.

Chicken curry


North Indian-style curry with chicken pickled in spices and yogurt.
By soaking, the meat is soaked in flavor and soft, and although it is the curry with the most spices in our curry, it is well-balanced and mild and easy to eat.

hot flavor ★☆☆☆☆

regular              700 yen
large                    800 yen
small                   650 yen
regular No rice    600 yen

Lemon chicken curry

By topping the chicken curry with lemon pickles, the aroma, sourness and bitterness of lemon are added to make the taste refreshing. It has a bitter taste to express the deliciousness of the whole lemon, but it is recommended to eat even the skin.
(Since it uses lemon that does not use antifungal agents, you can enjoy it with confidence even on the skin.)

hot flavor ★☆☆☆☆+ (Lemon pickles have a spicy taste.)

regular              750 yen
large                    850 yen
small                   700 yen
regular No rice    650 yen

Pork bindaloo


Pork curry with the acidity of red wine vinegar.
The meat has a tender and addictive taste. I recommend it, but I have different tastes.
The curry is famous as a specialty dish of the Goa region of India and is characterized by its strong spiciness, but our shop is quite refraining from spiciness.

hot flavor ★★☆☆☆

regular              800 yen
large                    900 yen
small                   750 yen
regular No rice    700 yen

Domestic vegetable curry

The content of the vegetables used for the ingredients varies depending on the day, but it uses domestic vegetables and contains half the amount of vegetables required per day. (200g in raw state)
It is a healthy curry that makes the best use of the taste of vegetables by minimizing spices without using animal foods including dairy products.

Almost no spiciness (pepper is included in the aroma)

regular             900 yen
large                   1000 yen
small                   850 yen
regular No rice    800 yen

Bean curry(Dar curry)

Curry with butter and yogurt on chickpeas.
It has a simple taste and is delicious as it is, but you can enjoy the change in taste by mixing it with other curries. Dal is a crushed bean.

No spiciness (no spices including spiciness)

regular             500 yen

Half the amount of curry sauce (only when ordering curry)

Half of the standard amount of curry sauce will be provided in a separate plate.
Please use it when you want to eat other curries.

Chicken curry                                    +300 yen
Pork vindaloo                                    +350 yen
Ground bean curry (dar curry)          +200 yen

topping(Only when ordering curry.)

It will be served as a topping on curry.

Onsen tamago                   +80 yen

Boiled egg                    +80 yen

cheese                              +150 yen 

Raw egg                           +50 yen

fried onions                      +50 yen

Choigake Bean Curry    +100 yen

Drink(Only when ordering curry.)

Drinks in the bottle will be opened and served with a glass.

Lassi (thick and sweet)                             +100 yen

Milk                                                            +100 yen

Oolong Tea                                                 +50 yen

Jasmine tea                  +50 yen

Coca-Cola (bottle, 190 ml)                         +150 yen

Wilkinson Ginger Ale Sweet (Bottle 190ml)    +150 yen

Carbonated water (bottle, 190 ml)             +150 yen

Dr. Pepper (PET / 500ml)                           +150 yen

Dessert (only when ordering curry)

Honey yogurt                                    +150 yen

Lemon lassi                                      +150 yen

Alcohol (only when ordering curry)

It cannot be sold to those under the age of 20 or those who drive a car.

Asahi Super Dry (small bottle of beer 334 ml)   +300 yen
Highball (Scotch)                       +350 yen

Cola high                   +350 yen

Ginger ale high                    +350 yen

Woolong High              +200 yen

Jasmine High                 +200 yen

Lassi high (sweet)                +350 yen


Lunch set

Limited to 11:00 to 15:00               +250 yen

+Choigake Bean Curry
+1 kind of topping
+1 drink (can be changed to toppings)
You can also choose dessert after 13:30.